A study on awareness & behavior of Married population on vasectomy in Villages of India

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Rahul Sharma


Presently population control is one of the major aim of whole India. There have been a number of family planning programs in India. Therefore in this research the awareness & nature of married population on vasectomy was assessed & studied India. The current survey is a detailed analytical research which was carried out in 1454. The ways of gathering information was queries & & written surveys. By referring to many married population who were selected r&omly the queries were completed & the information were checked using software & inference descriptive Statistical methods. Based on the search in this research the average age of population was 45/56 +_ 11/36 years. 5/1 percent of the participants had high school & university education, & 46.4% were Governpeoplet employees. In view of awareness on vasectomy 44.4% were weak. 34% were moderate, & 41.4%were well informed. In view of the behavior of research units to vasectomy 44%were weak, 44.4% were moderate & 31.3% had good behaviour to vasectomy. The level of awareness in research units showed a significant correlation with level of education age number of children & employ population, & the behavior levels of the units under research had a significant correlation with third level of education age & job. Conclusions: based on the findings of this research it is recoded population to upgrade & promote the awareness & behaviour of population in the field of vasectomy by revising educational planning & media program.

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